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Flying Fidget Spinner


Flying Fidget Spinner is the evolutionized version of the fidget spinner. A spinner that can defy gravity? Well, thanks to the Flying Fidget Spinner, yup. 

It is the outcome of a series of building and designed with the purpose of creating something more than a toy. It is a developed fidget suitable for all ages. It is the next hype object. It will not get lost because of the boomerang effect, it will fly right into into your hands. Flying Fidget Spinner has the technology we have longed for. It will get you hyped up, it will give you the coolness you are lacking, the fun you are seeking. The most cool thing developed is now at your reach.

Flying Fidget Spinner Key Features

1. Suspended mode: Swich on the device, just release your fingers when it spinning stably, it will be suspended in the air or rising slowly.
2. Boomerang mode: Swich on the device, keep a 30 degree upward angle, push and release it towards left front if you hold it with your right hand.it will fly in a cycle and come back to you.
3. Low altitude mode: Swich on the device,Adjust the lift to minimum by pressing the button 2 until the led light will not flicker. Keep it horizontal and launch the device, it will be in a low altitude flight on the ground.
4. Dive mode: Swich on the device, keep a 15 degree downwards angle and launch the device, the flying spinner will be in a low altitude flight on the ground.