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Ultra Thin A4 LED Light Pad

With This LED Light Pad, You Can Take Your Drawings To The Next Level!
Whether You Are A Professional Who Works With Animations, Calligraphy, Tattoo, Scrapbooking, Embossing, Sewing Projects, Quilting, Stained Glass Or Just An Amateur Who Loves To Sketch And Draw, This LED Light Pad Will Take Your Projects To The Next Level! 



Our LED Light Pad is great not only for adults, but also for children who are just starting their adventure with drawing! Eye protection technology makes our product suitable for kids.





✔️  Adjustable Brightness (3 Levels)

✔️  Ultra-Thin And Portable

✔️ Triple Eye Protection Technology Makes It Safe And Comfortable To Use

✔️ Super Bright Light

✔️  USB Power Connection

✔️ May Be Used For Cartoon Sketches, Calligraphy Exercises.